Back and Choke Escape

The worst possible scenario is when your opponent has slapped on a rear naked choke and you feel yourself starting to go out. If you should find yourself in such a pickle, don't panic. The first thing you must do is reach up and grab your opponent's arm that is behind your head because it's how he generates leverage to lock the choke tight. Once you've pulled that arm down, grab the arm that is around your neck, pull it down, and then lift it up and over to the other side of your head. This gives you the ability to drop your back down to the mat and turn around so that you end up in your opponent's guard.

Kick Boxing Guide

Kick Boxing Guide

This is a guide that will help you learn everything you are needing to know about kick boxing. You will learn such things as all the safety tips, misconceptions, perfect workouts, all the basics and so much more.

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