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If your opponent shoots in and you don't manage to sprawl in time, you want to avoid landing flat on your back because you will most likely get stuck there. When I get taken down, I'll do everything in my power to land on my side. From there, I will post one hand on the mat and push on my opponent's head with my other hand. When done quickly, it allows me to pull my legs out from underneath him and stand right back up. If you manage to block the majority of your opponent's shots, as well as quickly pop up every time he takes you down, it starts messing with his head, especially if he wants nothing to do with your stand-up skills. He'll start thinking, "Man, I can't take this guy to the ground." Meanwhile, you're just landing unreal punches to his face.

Albert shoots in for a double-leg takedown, catching me off guard. Realizing I don't have enough time to execute a proper sprawl, I decide to catch him in a guillotine choke. I begin by hooking my right hand underneath his chin and steering his head toward the center of my stomach as he comes forward.

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