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Gaining control of a downed opponent's legs opens up an assortment of stomps. The stomp to the face is always a good option, but it has been outlawed in MMA competition in America for quite some time. If you're competing in the United States, a stomp to the belly is a good alternative.

Belly Stomp

face stomp

The Face Stomp can cause quite a bit of damage to your opponent, but because the technique requires that you extend your leg so far forward, it can also put you in a vulnerable spot when done with improper technique. If your opponent is a leg lock specialist, the chances are he will attempt to secure your leg after you land the stomp to prevent you from pulling it free. To get the leverage you need to quickly retract your leg, you must turn your body away from your opponent after landing the strike and then push off of his face with your foot.

I've gained control of Paco's legs, Still controlling Paco's legs, I lift Driving my hips forward and To prevent getting caught in putting me in a good position to at- my right knee. extending my right leg, I stomp an ankle lock, I quickly turn tack. my heel into Paco's face. my body in a counterclock wise direction.

Belly Stomp

Having turned my body around, I smear I pull my right leg free, escaping any poten- I return to my stance and search for another my right foot into Paco's face and push tial leg locks. opening to attack, off. This step is very important because reaching so far forward with the face stomp really extends your body, and the push off gives you that extra boost to get your leg out of there in a hurry. It will also help you free your leg if your opponent should quickly latch onto it.

Belly Stomp

I'm hovering over opening to attack.

Paco, searching for an In one movement, I drop my level, gain Using my arms, I drive Paco's legs toward his control of Paco's legs, and drive forward by head. Notice how this elevates his hips off the pushing off my right leg. mat.

0 This is another option for when you gain control of a downed opponent's legs. Instead of using your control to stomp him in the belly or face, you use your control to force his legs back toward his head and put him up onto his shoulders. Digging your hips underneath his back keeps him trapped on his shoulders and allows you to get your offense going. His head will be lying on the mat beneath you, so punching him in the face is always a good option. Sakuraba, a well 0 known Japanese MMA fighter, likes to keep his opponents trapped in this position for a prolonged period of time and just punch away. I personally like to sock my opponent a couple of times, and then transition to side control so I can j start working for the mount or back, h 0 Z

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