Bodylock takedown

Keeping my hands locked tight, I step my right foot to the outside of Albert's left leg. This gives me the angle I need to get the takedown.

I begin to rotate my body in a clockwise direction to trip Albert backwards.

Having managed to pummel my arms in and secure the double under-hooks, I lock my hands together behind Albert's back.

Once you establish double under-hooks and secure a body-lock, you can do some serious damage to your opponent. If you have the positioning to lift your opponent off the canvas, slamming him on his head is always a good option. There are many possibilities, so deciding what technique to use depends upon your specialty. This technique is a simple yet effective way to take your opponent down with the double under-hooks and land in the top side-control position.

Still rotating in a clockwise direction, I use my head and superior positioning to trip Albert backwards.
As Albert falls to his back, I drop to my knees, apply downward pressure to his body to prevent a scramble, and secure the side control position.

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Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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