Breaking grips to de la rlva

When an opponent gains control of your legs, the first thing you must do is break his grips. Once that is accomplished, you have a couple of different options. You can force him away as I did in the previous technique using a push kick or you can wrap a leg around his lead leg and assume the De La Riva guard position. The latter isn't as good as escaping back to your feet, but escaping to your feet can often be hard to manage. It's always good to have options. The De La Riva guard gives you control of your opponent's lead leg, which allows you to move him around and disrupt his balance as he tries to set up his attacks. It works hand and hand with the Goes guard, and switching back and forth between the two increases the range in which you are effective. If you are already familiar with the De La Riva guard from jiu-jitsu, you have a major leg up, but you still need to figure out which techniques work against an opponent who is trying to strike. —

I'm on my back with Nark hovering above me. He has gained control of my legs, putting him in a good position to attack. Deciding to transition into the De La Riva guard position, I latch onto his left ankle with my right hand.

Driving my left foot into Mark's left hip, I pull my right leg toward the opening of his hand to break his g»p-

I circle my right foot in a clockwise direction around Mark's left hand.

I achieve the De La Riva position by wrapping my right leg around Mark's left leg and hooking my right foot on the inside of his thigh.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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