Cage to slngleleg

I follow Reagan to the mat and establish the top position.

A lot of the time when you pin an opponent up against the cage, he will position himself at an angle to prevent you from snatching up both of his legs. When I can't get the double due to the positioning of my opponent's hips, I immediately scoop up his nearest leg and work for the single.

I've pinned Reagan up against the cage. My feet are back, my base is low, and I'm driving my weight into Reagan's midsection. I'm in a perfect position to work for the takedown.

Keeping my weight pressed into Reagan, I bring my right hand between his legs and clasp my hands together behind his right thigh. From here I can begin working for the single-leg takedown.

I step my left foot to the outside of Reagan's right leg and then lift his right leg off the mat. Notice how I wedge my left knee underneath his right leg.

I've got Albert's left leg trapped and I'm working for a single-leg takedown.

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