Check to overhand

w You need to know how to deal with an opponent's leg kicks, and for me the answer is to check his kick and then throw q a powerful overhand right. You certainly have the option of getting out of the way of the kick, but then you won't be

2 in range to strike back. Personally, 1 like to make my opponent pay. The important part is to catch your opponent while

(j he is kicking or in the process of recovering from the kick. If your opponent catches you off guard and you don't have

Z time to check, just plant your weight on your lead leg and throw.

I'm squared up with Paco in kicking range. Paco steps in to throw a right roundhouse I block Paco's low kick by bringing my left kick to my left leg. leg slightly off the ground and catching the kick with my shin.

I drive my left leg to the mat, using that for- Before Paco can retract his right leg and rees- Continuing to press forward, I sneak my ward momentum to fuel an overhand right. tablish his stance, I step my left foot down to overhand punch around Paco's guard.

the mat, swing my hips in a counterclockwise direction, and throw the overhand right.

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