Controlling the legs

When your opponent is lying on his back and you're standing, it generally doesn't take that long for the referee to call a stop to the action and stand the fight back up. If you're a grappler who wants to keep the fight on the ground, you need to get in and make something happen. A good way to accomplish that is to step in and grab a hold of your opponent's ankles. Once you control his ankles, you have options. You can toss his legs to the side to set up a strike or pass, or you can use your ankle control to land a strike such as a face or belly stomp. Whatever option you decide to utilize, just do it quickly. You never want to pass up on a good opportunity to do some damage.

Keeping my head back, I reach down and grab Albert's ankles so that my thumbs are pointing upward. Ideally, you want to form your grip just above your opponent's heel on his achilles tendon.

Quickly throwing Paco's legs to the right, I cock my right hand back and prepare to deliver an overhand to his face. Notice how tossing Paco's legs has primed me for the overhand, just like a left hook primes my hips for a right cross.

Having gained control of Paco's legs, I fake throwing Paco's legs to my left,

I'm ready to set up my attack. making him think I will pass on my right.

Dropping all the way to the mat, I wrap Paco up and establish side control.

As Paco is forced onto his side, I drop my left hand to clear his right arm away from the path of my punch.

Snapping my hips in a counterclockwise direction as I come down, I drop a ruthless overhand right to Paco's face. It's important to notice that I'm dropping my weight down and really putting the force of my body into the punch. Not only does this allow me to hit harder, but it also leads me right into the pass.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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