Counter Attacks

Counter Attacks Introduction 50

ycountering the jabv

Slipping Left Jab 52

Counter Jab with Jab 53

Countering Jab to Double-leg

Takedown 54

ycountering the crossy

Slipping the Cross 55

Slip Right Cross to Overhand/Hook

Counter 56

Slip Cross to 3 Punch Combo 57

Countering Right Cross to Takedown 59

Counter Left Cross to Double-leg Takedown 60

ycountering the hooky

Slipping the Hook 61

Slipping the Hook to 3 Punch Combo 62

Catch and Go Combo to Takedown 64

Slipping the Hook to Body Clinch 65

ycountering kicksy

Countering Kick to Takedown 66

Countering Kick to Sweep-Kick

Takedown 67

Check to Overhand 68

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