Countering The Takedown

Countering the Takedown Introduction .. 69

The Stand Up Game vbasic takedown defensev

Push Away Takedown Defense 70

Push Away Takedown Defense to Knee — 71

Basic Sprawl 72

Sprawl to Turtle Transition 74

Sprawl to Standing Option 76

vsprawl controlv

High Knees from Sprawl Control 78

Straight Knees from Sprawl Control — 79

Sprawl Control to Side Control Knees .. 80 vcountering the double-legv

Back to Standing off Double-leg

Takedown 82

Hand-Clasp Guillotine off Double-leg — 83 Guillotine Choke to Guard 84

vcountering the single-legv

Knee to Single-leg Defense 85

Punching Your Leg Free 86

Hand-Clasp Guillotine off Single 87

Defending the Single

(Pushing the Head Out) 88

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