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I'm on top of Paco in the double attack position.

Releasing my grip on Pa-co's wrist, I lift his head up using my right hand. This creates the space I need to slide my left arm deep around his head. It is important to notice that I'm digging the crook of my left elbow into his neck. It is essential that you do this in order for the choke to work.

I latch onto my right biceps with my left hand, and then place my right hand on the top of Paco's head.

Pulling Paco into me, I squeeze my arms together and fall to my right side.

I continue to pull Paco into me as I fall all the way over to my right side. To finish the choke, I squeeze everything tight.

This technique is similar to the previous one, except here you're using a different grip to choke your opponent unconscious. You still want to trap his arm across his neck and use your weight to pin him down, but rather than stepping all the way out into side control, you lock in an arm triangle and fall to your side. To finish the fight, all you have to do is

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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