Sometimes when you throw a barrage of strikes at an opponent, he will cover up to block your shots and then freeze in that position. If this happens, you have multiple options. You can hunt for an opening to direct your strikes, shoot in for the takedown, or grab your opponent's head and drive in a couple of knees. It's an excellent time to do some damage. 1 particularly like throwing a string of punches that ends with a hook. Instead of bringing my hooking hand back, I'll immediately wrap it around the back of my opponent's head, secure the Muay Thai clinch, and then deliver some powerful knees.

Troy covers up to block my shots, but he makes no attempt to throw strikes of his own. With the ball in my court, I follow the cross with a left hook. Instead of bringing my hooking hand back into my stance, I grip the back of Troy's head with my left hand.

Pulling Troy's head down using the Muay Thai clinch, I drive my right knee up into his face.

Placing my right hand over my left and pinching my elbows together, I secure the Muay Thai clinch.

I've got Albert in the Muay Thai clinch, giving me con- Maintaining control of Albert's head with my left hand, I

trol of his head. back away just enough to chamber my right elbow.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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