0 u desperation escape

When your opponent captures your head in the Muay Thai clinch, your mind should automatically flash a code red alert. How you ended up in such a terrible spot is irrelevant; what matters is escaping the position before you eat a knee to the face. A good way to accomplish this is to jam an arm into your opponent's face, crank his head to the side, and then force him away from you. This creates space and allows you to get the hell out of Dodge.

Having secured the Muay Thai clinch, Albert pulls my head down. I am now vulnerable to numerous attacks, which means I must escape this position quickly.

Bringing my left arm over Albert's right arm, I slide my forearm across his face, which cranks his head to the side. Notice how I drive the outside of my wrist into his jaw. This not only makes the position uncomfortable for him, but it also allows me to push him back and create separation between our bodies.

Creating distance between our bodies by pushing Albert away with my left arm, I maneuver my right arm to the inside of Albert's left arm. I then place my right hand on my left arm. This increases the outward pressure I'm already applying to Albert's face, which creates more separation between our bodies.

By straightening both arms, I push Albert's head back and create the separation needed to escape the position.
As Albert's hands slide off the back of my head, I continue to push him away to prevent him from reestablishing head control.
I fall back into my standard fighting stance.

Reagan has gained control of To prevent Reagan from my head by securing the Muay pulling my head down, I Thai clinch. immediately drop my level and straighten my back.

I push off my right leg and drive Securing the double under-hooks, I my body straight into Reagan to form a tight body-lock around Rea-secure a body-lock. gan's midsection.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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