De La Riva to Goes Guard

In the photos below I'm demonstrating how the De La Riva and Goes guards work interchangeably. Although both are highly effective in MMA competition, you have different options from each. In some situations it will be beneficial to assume the De La Riva guard, and in some situations the Goes guard will be more beneficial. Understanding how to ^

switch back and forth between them is a must when you need to make something happen. ^

My combined actions force Mark Sitting up, I get to my knees to fall to his back. and establish the top position.

I've assumed the De La Riva guard position by wrapping my right leg all the way around Tony's left leg, hooking my right foot around his inner left thigh, placing my left foot on his left hip to maintain distance, and latching onto his left ankle with my right hand for control.

I unravel my right leg from around Tony's left leg. I then remove my left foot from his left hip, but immediately place my right foot on his left hip.

I lower my left leg and hook my foot around the back of Tony's right knee, establishing the Goes guard.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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