Defending the single pushing the head out

Having snatched up my lead leg, Albert attempts to haul me to the ground utilizing a single-leg takedown.

Maintaining balance on my right leg, I push Albert's head to the left side of my body using my hands.

To become proficient at defending against the single-leg takedown, you must first learn how to maintain your balance while hopping on one leg. If you dedicate a small amount of time to this during practice each week, you will be surprised at how quickly you can improve with this technique. Once you've perfected the hop around, you must then learn how to disengage or use your opponent's compromised positioning to take him to the ground and obtain the top position. With my primary base being jiu-jitsu, I tend to opt for a takedown. To achieve this, I first work to force my opponent's head down and to the outside of my body. Once I manage that, my opponent's chances of completing the single are slim. To put him on his back, I simply need to scoop up his rear leg and turn his body like a wheel.

Continuing to push Albert's head down with my left hand, I pull his left leg off the ground with my right arm. This circular motion casts his body into a forward roll.

Having moved Albert's head to the outside of my body, I place my left hand on the back of his head and drive it downward. At the same time, I wrap my right arm around the back of his left leg.

Following Albert to the ground, I clear his legs and land in side control.
Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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