Downward Grinding Elbow

The downward grinding elbow is one of the few strikes that you can land from standard side control. To execute this move, you want to pin your opponent's far ami to the mat with your hand closest to his legs, and then drive your opposite elbow down into his face. Although the move looks rather simple, it can be a little tricky learning how to make the most of your weight. You want to position yourself so that you're not only using your weight to pin your opponent's arm, but also to generate power behind your strike. As with all strikes, it is important that you execute the technique quickly. You want to pop up, and then instantly drop your elbow.

I've secured the top side con trol position.

I grip Butch's left biceps with my right hand so that my thumb is facing away from my body. To pin his arm to the mat, I come up onto my right knee, post on my left foot, and straighten my right arm. As I do this, I plant my left hand on Butch's face and prepare to drop a left elbow.

Pressing down with my left arm, I let my hand slip off the side of Butch's face and collapse my elbow. I drop my weight as my arm collapses, and the tip of my left elbow crashes into Butch's right eye.

As I rake my elbow down the side of Butch's face, I let my weight fall to the mat, putting me back into standard side control.

I reach my right arm over Butch's body and then pin his left arm to the mat with my right hand. To prevent him from turning into me, I slide my right knee up to his right hip.

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