Fighting From The Downed Guard

Fighting from the Downed Guard Intro. . 142

yf1ghting from the shelly

The Shell 143

Blocking a Kick From the Shell 143

Getting Up 144

Dropping Under a Kick 145

Stomp Kick to the Leg 145

Spring Stomp Kick 146

Left Up-kick from Shell 146

Heel Stomp from Shell 147

Breaking Grips to Push Kick 147

yde la r1va guardy

Breaking Grips to De La Riva 148

Up-Kick From De La Riva 148

Overhand Right Counter to

De La Riva Sweep 149

Overhand Right Counter to Standing — 151

De La Riva to Guard 153

Getting Up from De La Riva 155

ygoes guardy

De La Riva to Goes Guard 157

Goes Guard push Sweep 157

Goes Guard Switch Sweep 158

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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