Getting the Head in off Double Under Hooks

If your opponent secures the double under-hooks, which you want to avoid at all costs, you're in danger of getting picked up and slammed. To avoid such an outcome, immediately drop your hips and keep a low center of gravity. You also want to relax as much as possible because it is a lot harder to throw something limp than something rigid (if you've ever tried to pick up a drunk friend who is passed out on a curb, you know exactly what I mean). Next you want to get your head underneath your opponent's head. This extends your opponent's arms and pushes your hips back, which allows you to drop your weight a little more and push your way out of the double under-hooks. Adding this technique to your arsenal can get you out of a very tight spot.

Albert has managed to pummel in and secure double under-hooks. In order to avoid getting slammed, I need to create separation between our bodies.

I immediately create separation by placing both hands on Albert's head and pushing it away from me. I also drive my head down into his face. In order to take away the leverage he needs to slam me, I must get my head below his head.

I work my head further down Albert's face to create separation. Pinching my arms together, I plant my right hand on Albert's hip and push him away from me. This breaks his lock, which will allow me to create the space needed to pummel my left arm to the inside of his right arm. It is important to notice that I have dropped my hips down and back, lowering my center of gravity. This steals even more of Albert's leverage.

I pummel my left arm to the inside of Albert's right arm and return to the neutral body pummel position.

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