Getting the underHook from Half Guard

When you find yourself in the bottom half-guard position, your opponent will usually do one of two things. Either he 5 will posture up so he can rain down strikes or he will keep his weight pressed down on top of you to prevent you from moving. This technique should be utilized when your opponent drops his weight down on top of you. If he has his amis jj) underneath your arms, there is very little you can do in the way of offense. However, if you can get up onto one side < and establish an under-hook, you gain the ability to sweep your opponent or transition to his back. To get the under-hook, you will need to use your hips to create separation between your body and your opponent's body. Once you get that separation, slipping your arm underneath your opponent's arm becomes quite easy. If your opponent willingly j gives you that space so he can posture up and strike, then you'll want to sit up into him and establish an under-hook as ^ I do in the following technique.

Beach is on top of me in my half guard, pinning my back to the mat. In order to get offensive, I must create separation between us and establish an under-hook on my left side. If you have your opponent's left leg trapped, then you'll want to establish an under-hook on your right side.

I create distance by cranking my hips to my right and getting onto my right side.

Bringing my left arm up over Beach's head, I prepare to drive my arm into the gap I created between our bodies.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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