Getting Up 101

A lot of people wonder how I get up from the bottom guard position when the fight goes to the ground. The answer is I utilize this technique. It's one of the first moves that you learn in jiu-jitsu, but a lot of jiu-jitsu practitioners don't practice it on a regular basis because they are content working off their backs, which often gets them into trouble in MMA. In order to become effective with this move, you must incorporate it into your training. Have a partner pin you down and unleash with ground and pound while you utilize this technique to get back to your feet. If you practice it again and again, eventually it will become second nature.

Because I was explosive with my movements, Troy gets swept over to his back.

basic hip sweep

Unhooking my feet, I post my left leg on the mat and elevate my hips. As I jam my left hip up into Troy's right armpit, I turn my body in a clockwise direction.

Continuing to turn my shoulders and hips in a clockwise direction, I wrap my left arm over Troy's left arm. In addition to helping me carry him over with the sweep, it also prevents him countering the technique by posting his left hand on the mat.

The basic hip sweep is an excellent technique because it flips your opponent over to his back and lands you in the mount. If your opponent should block the sweep by dropping his weight or posting his arm, it sets you up for a either a guillotine or kimura. Below I demonstrate the sweep, and on the coming pages I show the submissions based on your opponent's counters to the sweep.

I've achieved the sit up guard position by driving my left arm into Troy's neck, sitting up, and posting on my right hand. Right now my body is loaded like a spring, and in order to get the sweep, all I have to do is explosively turn by hips and scissor my legs.

Because I was explosive with my movements, Troy gets swept over to his back.

As Troy comes down to his back, I land in the mount position.
Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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