Guard Bottom

Guard Bottom Introduction 182

ysit up guardy

Sit-Up Guard 184

Getting Up 101 185

Basic Hip Sweep 186

Kimura From Sit Up Guard 187

Posture Up Guillotine 189

Posture Up to Omaplata 190

Posture Up to Arm Bar 191

Sit Up Guard to Back 192

Sit Up Guard to Back (Option 2) 194

ystandard guard tacticsy

Getting Up from guard 196

Kick Out to Standing 198

Blocking the Overhand 199

Block Overhand to a Damn Good Guard . 201

Elbows from Closed Guard 202

Knee Punch Arm Bar 203

Pull Out of Arm Bar to Triangle 205

Arm Trap Triangle 207

va damn good guardy

A Damn Good Triangle 208

a Damn Good Omaplata 211

Hooking the Arm from Omaplata 214

vescap1ng the cagey

The Spin Around 215

Getting Up Against the Cage 216

Pinned Against the Cage

(Hooking the Leg) 218

vbutterfly guard attacksv

Getting Up from Butterfly Guard 221

Butterfly Sweep (Option 1) 223

Butterfly Sweep (option 2) 225

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