Guard Top Introduction 159

ytop guard 101 y

Posture Up Guard 160

Biceps Control 160

Friendship Position 161

ystriking from guard topy BODY-BODY-HEAD 162

Over the Top Elbow 163

Over the Top Elbow (Variation) 164

Uppercut from Guard 164

Hammer Fist to Elbow Counter 165

Elbow to Thigh to Straight Right 166

Fake Open Guard to Overhand 167

Fake Overhand to Elbow 168

Open Guard to Overhand 169

yguard top defensey

Defending the Guillotine from Guard— 170

ystriking past the guardy

Striking Past the Guard 172

Open Guard Stack Pass Sequence 175

Half Stack Pass 177

Half Stack Pass Over the Leg (Option 2). 179

Butterfly Pass 180

Mike Pyle Special 181

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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