Hand Clasp Guillotine Off Doubleleg

Ideally you want to execute a flawless sprawl when your opponent shoots in, but you don't always have the time or room to get your hips down and your legs back. In such a situation going for the guillotine can sometimes be a good option. If you can gain control of your opponent's head before he wraps up both of your legs, then you have a chance to not only defend against the takedown, but also finish the fight. It is important to pay attention to the pictures below because this guillotine is done a little differently than the traditional one. With the hand-clasp guillotine, you want to cup both hands underneath your opponent's chin, dig the sharp part of your wrist into his throat, lift up with your arms, and drive your belly button into your opponent's head. The standard guillotine still works, but your opponent usually won't expect the hand-clasp guillotine. This element of surprise makes the submission difficult to defend against and often results in a quick tap.

Albert shoots in for a double-leg takedown, catching me off guard. Realizing I don't have enough time to execute a proper sprawl, I decide to catch him in a guillotine choke. I begin by hooking my right hand underneath his chin and steering his head toward the center of my stomach as he comes forward.

Hands Driving

I hook my left hand underneath Albert's chin, placing it on the top of right hand. Immediately I lift up with my hands, driving the sharp part of my right wrist into his throat.

Stepping back with my left foot, I finish the choke by pushing my hips forward, driving my stomach into Albert's head, and continuing to lift my arms upward.

Paco shoots in for a double-leg takedown, catching me off guard. Instantly I see that his hands are low and his neck is exposed, making him susceptible to a guillotine choke.

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