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In a previous technique I demonstrated how to defend against the double-leg takedown using the hand-clasp guillotine, and here I'm demonstrating how to use it to defend against the single-leg. The moment you wrap up your opponent's neck, he will be forced to start defending against the choke, which takes his focus away from completing the single. From there you will either be able to finish the choke or your opponent will defend against the choke and you'll escape the single-leg. Hither way. you win.

Reagan has my left leg trapped, and he is working for a single-leg takedown.

I maneuver my left leg to the outside of Reagan's right leg and push down on his head with my right hand. Notice how I am repositioning his head to the center of my torso.

Balancing on my right leg, I slide my left hand under Reagan's chin. Then I slide my right hand under his chin and over the top of my left hand. After completing these two actions, I drive my weight down on Reagan's head and press my left leg toward the mat.

By driving my weight and left leg downward, I break Reagan's grip and place my left foot on the mat. To finish the hand clasp guillotine, I curl my left wrist into Reagan's neck, posture up, and drive my belly button into his head.

Driving With Leg

Maintaining balance on my right leg, I push Albert's head to the left side of my body using my hands.

Having snatched up my lead leg, Albert attempts to haul me to the ground utilizing a single-leg takedown.

Dummy Defense Guillotine
Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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