HipOut Mount Escape

This is another rudimentary way to escape the bottom mount position. Turning onto your side to eliminate some of your opponent's weight from your body, you scoot and pull your legs out from underneath him, and then capture him between your legs in the guard position.

Tony is mounted on top of me. I've established double under-hooks, and I'm gripping my hands together to prevent him from posturing up and pounding me in the face.

Releasing my grip, I place both hands on Tony's hips and push them down toward my legs. As I do this, I relax my legs and shrimp my hips out from between his legs.

Continuing to shrimp my body, I pull my hips and legs out from underneath Tony.

Guard Position Fighting
I complete my transition to open guard by placing my right foot on Tony's left hip.

Once my legs are free, I roll to my back, spin in a clockwise direction to square my body up with Tony's body, and place my left foot on his right hip.

Continuing to shrimp my body, I pull my hips and legs out from underneath Tony.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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