running up the cage mount escape

If you should find yourself mounted near the cage, this technique can provide a quick escape. All you're doing is walking your feet up the chain link, and then bridging and kicking off the cage to put your opponent onto his back. The only difference between this technique and the normal bridge escape is that you're getting extra elevation to make your escape easier to manage.

Tony is mounted on top of me. I've established an over-hook and an under-hook, and I'm gripping my hands together to prevent him from posturing up and pounding me in the face. This lock is very important to maintain if you want a technique like this one to work. If you allow your opponent to posture up or base his arms out to his sides, you're going to have a rough time bridging him over.

I place my right foot up on the cage.

I explode off my left leg and thrust my hips upward.

While my momentum is still going upward, I I blast off the cage with both legs, cast- My body begins to fall down on top of Tony, throw my left leg over my right leg and plant my ing my body over, foot high up on the cage.

Landing in Tony's guard, I quickly establish my base. From here I will work to pass his guard.
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