Spring Stomp Kick

Renzo Gracie kept trying this move when we fought in the K-l World Grand Prix in Hawaii. Although I won the fight, this technique got under my skin, and I thought, "Now I've got to use it on someone else." To execute this move from the shell, you want to hold your knees tightly with your amis, while at the same time applying outward pressure with your legs. When you let go of your knees, your legs spring out extremely fast. It's a deceptive and effective technique to utilize when you're lying on your back and your opponent is coming forward, looking to gain control of your legs.

Instead of assuming the shell position, I grab a hold of my shins with my hands and pull my legs into my body. At the same time, I apply outward pressure with both of my legs. The idea is to create a loaded spring with your legs so that when you release them, they explode toward your opponent.

I let go of my right leg. This releases the built up tension and snaps my right leg forward. The kick lands just above Paco's left knee, buckling his leg and folding his body forward.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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