Gripping the back of Albert's head with both hands, I establish control of his head with the Muay Thai clinch.

Gaining control of your opponent's head often requires a pummeling war. I f your opponent should happen to get one step ahead of you and gain control of your head, you immediately want to pummel your arms in as I do below to neutralize his advantage. However, if your opponent secures a really tight Thai clinch, making it difficult to pummel your arms to the inside of his arms, you'll want to utilize the next technique in this section. 1 cannot stress enough the importance of quickly escaping this position. If you do nothing, your opponent has all sorts of options, many of which can put you to sleep.

Albert has secured a Muay Thai clinch, giving him control of my head.

I maneuver my right hand to the inside of Albert's left arm.

Still working my right hand to the inside of Albert's left arm, I begin to maneuver my left arm to the inside of his right arm.

Having secured the Muay Thai clinch, Albert pulls my head down. I am now vulnerable to numerous attacks, which means I must escape this position quickly.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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