Having forced Beach flat on his back, I bring my left leg out from underneath my right leg, and I then maneuver my left leg over his head.

I drop my left leg down on Beach's face. To finish the armlock, I pull Beach's right arm to my chest, squeeze my legs tight, and elevate my hips.

I latch onto Beach's right arm with both hands, and then I flatten him out by rolling to my back.

Realizing he is in a vulnerable spot, Beach tries to escape by rolling out to his right. As he does this, I bring my left leg up onto his left shoulder. It is very important that you constantly maintain squeezing pressure with your legs to avoid getting reversed.

I hook the crook of my right knee over my left foot to trap Beach in a reverse triangle. I also hook my right arm underneath his right arm. It is important to notice that I have my right foot buried in Beach's belly. This not only helps pin him to the ground, but it also prevents him from turning into me and breaking my hold.

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Kick Boxing Guide

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