Distributing my weight over my left arm, I let my hand slip forward and then drop all of my weight downward, crashing the tip of my elbow just underneath Reagan's left eye.

Throwing elbow strikes from the top half-guard position is an excellent way to open a cut. For the best results, you want to drop your weight into the strike and then grind the tip of your elbow in or around your opponent's eye socket. The nice part about this attack is that you can pop up, pin your opponent's head to the mat, smash an elbow into his face, and then quickly drop back down and regain control.

I'm postured up in Reagan's half-guard, driving his head into the mat with my left hand.

Continuing to drive my weight downward, I grind my elbow down the left side of Reagan's face.

side control, which is the next technique in the section. Deciding which technique to choose will depend upon your opponent's resistance.

I'm in Albert's half guard. I've got a right under-hook, my left arm is wrapped underneath his head, my hands are clasped together under his left shoulder, and I'm driving my weight down into him.

Pushing off my right foot, I get my head to the mat and drive my left shoulder into Albert's face. I then lift my hips in the air and maneuver my left foot to the inside of Albert's right knee.

I continue to elevate my hips and drive my left shoulder into Albert's face. As I do this, I pry his legs open by forcing my left leg to the mat.

Pinning Albert's right leg to the mat with my left leg, I begin to wedge my right knee over his left thigh and make my transition to mount. It is important to notice that I am still driving my weight forward with my head on the ground. This not only keeps Albert pinned to the mat, but it also gives me a sturdy base as I make the transition.

No-Hand Pass to Mount

This is probably the best pass that you can utilize from half-guard. It takes you directly to the mount, and because $

you have control of your opponent's head and one of his arms, it makes it very difficult for him to rabbit punch you in =?

the face as you make the transition. However, there are a few key things you should remember when performing this O

pass. You want to keep your head down in order to maintain a solid base, and you want to get your hips high because -1

it will cause your opponent's grip on your leg to slip. This is especially true if it's deep in the fight and both of you are fij slippery with sweat. Once you get your foot out, you can head to the mount as I show below, or you can transition to j

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