As soon as Paco's hips rise off the mat, I fall to my right knee and position my hips underneath his hips. This limits his mobility, giving me an opportunity to strike or pass his guard. It is important to notice that I am posting on my left leg. This increases my balance and mobility, which will help me achieve my attack.

As I load up my right hand, I place my left hand on Paco's right hip to further control his body.

I drop my right hand between Paco's legs and smash it into his face. Notice how throwing the punch has turned my hips. This sets me up to pass on my right side.

Immediately I bring my right hand to the outside Pressing my weight into Paco, I drive my As Paco comes down onto his right side, of Paco's left leg. At the same time, I rotate my right arm across his neck. This forces him to I press my weight down on top of him. hips and shoulders in a counterclockwise direc- roll further over onto his right shoulder, tion, which steers Paco over onto his right shoulder. It is important to notice that I've kept my hips pressed tightly against Paco. You don't want to give up too much space during the transition because it will cause you to lose control.

I drop my left leg back and force Paco to his back using my weight and right arm.

Dropping my hips to the mat, I secure the side control position by pinning Paco on his back using my weight.

I'm standing above Reagan, staying close to prevent him from making a quick escape to his feet.

I reach out and grab a hold of Reagan's left hand. This is partially to distract him from my upcoming kick, and partially to prevent him from using his arm to block my kick. If I can take his left arm out of the picture, his only way to block the kick will be to drop to his back.

With Reagan still wondering why I latched onto his hand, I throw a left kick to the right side of his face.

Whenever your opponent is on his back and you're standing above him, it's never hurts to land a couple of kicks underneath his leg. Not only does it look good to the judges, but it can also hinder your opponent's movement later in the fight. The technique works best when you have control of your opponent's legs because it prevents him from blocking your strike by balling up the shell.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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