Still driving my right leg into Troy to pre- I wedge my left foot deeper into Troy's Shoving Troy away from me with my left foot, I use vent him from turning back into my guard, armpit and use that base to begin shoving that outward momentum to sit up and begin work-

I slide my left leg out from underneath him his body away. ing back to my feet, and wedge my foot into his left armpit.

I've got Troy in my closed guard. I'm controlling his head with my left arm to keep him from posturing up.

I maneuver my to the left side head.

left hand Unhooking my feet, I drive of Troy's Troy's head to my left side using my left hand. At the same time, I hook my right hand around the inside of his left leg.

Continuing to push on Troy's head with my left hand, I drive my right leg into his left side. As I do this, I use my right hook on his left leg to help pull my hips out from underneath his body, strip his base, and force him off balance.

As I sit all the way up, I post on my right hand and left foot. This allows me to scoot my right leg underneath my body. To gauge distance and guard myself from punches, I keep my left arm extended.

Pushing off my left leg, I post my right foot behind me and stand up. I keep my left arm extended to guard against punches and gauge distance. From here I will transition into my standard fighting stance.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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