I'm sitting up in the butterfly guard. I've established a left under-hook on Albert, and I'm controlling his left arm by grabbing his triceps with my right hand.

butterfly sweep (option 2)_

When you execute the previous butterfly sweep and your opponent counters by posting his leg, a good option is to hook your arm underneath his leg and sweep him over in the opposite direction. However, in order to be successful with this technique there can be no hesitation. You must flow directly from the previous sweep into this technique, making it one fluid motion. If your opponent counters this second option, you may want to flow back into the original sweep or abort the sequence altogether and work back to your feet. Deciding what to do will depend upon the openings your movement creates.

As I fall to my right side, I do several things at once. I elevate Albert's right hip using my left butterfly hook, I carry his body down with me using my left under-hook, and I use my right arm to trap his left arm to my side, which prevents him from countering the sweep by posting his left hand on the mat.

Unable to block the sweep by posting his left arm, Albert counters by posting his left leg out.

The instant Albert posts out on his left leg, I swoop my right arm underneath his leg and establish an under-hook.

Continuing to force Albert over to his back using my right under-hook on his left leg, I drop my left leg to the mat, push off my right foot, and begin to turn into him.

As Albert is forced onto his back, I follow him over. To secure the side control position, I drive my weight down into him, flatten my hips out on the mat, and bring my right knee up to his left hip.

To sweep Albert in the opposite direction, I turn to my left side, elevate his hips by kicking my left leg out, and driving his left leg off the mat using my right under-hook.

The instant Albert posts out on his left leg, I swoop my right arm underneath his leg and establish an under-hook.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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