Driving the sharp side of my wrist into Troy's neck, I continue to sit up and post on my right hand.

Immediately I shoot my left arm up to the left side of Troy's head and come up onto my right elbow.

Troy is postured up in my closed guard

Still driving my left hand into Troy's face, I pull my right leg out and plant it on the mat behind me.

Driving my left hand into Troy's head to create space, I push off my left leg, further elevate my hips, and begin pulling my right leg out.

Driving my left arm into Troy's neck, I unhook my feet and post my left foot on the mat. This allows me to elevate my hips, as well as turn them in a clockwise direction.

Pushing Troy away, I back all the way out and assume my fighting stance.

Posting on my right foot, I pull my left leg back to create more space between Troy and I. To prevent him from shooting in for the takedown, I continue to hold him at bay with my left hand.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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