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When an opponent is lying on his back and you manage to gain control of his ankles, a great option is to chuck his legs to one side or another and then dive forward with a powerful punch, passing his guard in the process. Although chucking the legs and punching works quite well, I like to spice it up a little by pretending to throw my opponent's legs to one side, and then quickly throwing them to the other. Because my opponent usually forces his legs in the opposite direction when I throw the fake, his resistance works against him when I change sides. In addition to helping clear my opponent's legs out of the way, the fake also loads up my right hand, which allows me to drop the punch down with some serious authority. However, every halfway decent jiu-jitsu practitioner knows he is in danger the moment you secure his legs, and he will most likely fight to free his legs and regain the guard position. For this reason, it is important that you execute this technique the moment you gain control of his ankles.

Quickly throwing Paco's legs to the right, I cock my right hand back and prepare to deliver an overhand to his face. Notice how tossing Paco's legs has primed me for the overhand, just like a left hook primes my hips for a right cross.

Dropping all the way to the mat, I wrap Paco up and establish side control.

Having gained control of Paco's legs, I fake throwing Paco's legs to my left,

I'm ready to set up my attack. making him think I will pass on my right.

As Paco is forced onto his side, I drop my left hand to clear his right arm away from the path of my punch.

Snapping my hips in a counterclockwise direction as I come down, I drop a ruthless overhand right to Paco's face. It's important to notice that I'm dropping my weight down and really putting the force of my body into the punch. Not only does this allow me to hit harder, but it also leads me right into the pass.

Still holding Paco's right leg at bay with my left hand, I come down with the punch.

Using my downward momentum, I land a devastating overhand to Paco's jaw.

up his the ankle right leg

In order to prevent getting caught in an ankle lock, I need to unhook Paco's right leg from my left leg. To begin this process, I reach my left hand around Paco's right foot and cup his heel in my palm.

I'm hovering over Paco, searching Going for an ankle lock, Paco Continuing to set for an opening to attack. swings his right leg between my lock, Paco hooks legs. over my left leg.

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