Knee from Front Headlock

Capturing an opponent in a front headlock while in the standing position gives you a lot of control. Your torso prevents your opponent from lifting his head, your under-hook prevents him from escaping out to the side, and your cup on his chin prevents him from backing out. It's a perfect opportunity to throw a couple of powerful knees. To set up a knee strike from the front headlock position, I like to push my opponent away to create some distance, and then use my grip on his head to rip him back into me as I throw the knee. After the knee lands, I rip him forward once again to make sure he remains off balance. Your opponent's only real option when caught in this position is to drop to his knees and go for the takedown, but because you're already in a good position to sprawl, his shot should be relatively easy to stuff. Once you've established sprawl control, you can drop more knees or circle around and take your opponent's back.

I'm tied up with Paco in the dirty boxing clinch.

To secure the front headlock position, I pull Paco's head down with my left hand and reach my right hand under his chin.

Positioning Paco's head in the center of my chest, I drop my weight down over his shoulders and grip the outside of his right arm with my left hand.

I step my right leg back.

As I fire my right knee straight forward, I pull Paco's head toward my knee to ensure he absorbs the entire impact of the knee.

After landing the knee, I bring my right leg back and then rip Paco forward to keep him off balance.

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Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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