Mount Introduction 257

vstabilizing the mountv

Mount Stabilization Control 258

Breaking Over-Under to Neck Control . .260

Breaking Double Under-Hooks 261

Striking from Neck Control 262

vstriking to submission v

Striking to Arm Bar 263

Striking to Americana 265

Mount to Kata-Gatame Arm Triangle 267

Mounted Triangle 269

Mount to Back 271

vdouble attack mountv

Double Attack Mount 272

Double Attack To Back 275

Double Attack To Kata-Gatame 276

Kata-Gatame Choke

(Arm Triangle Variation) 278

vbasic mount escapesv

Hip to Hold From Mount 279

Basic Bridge Escape 280

Hip Out Mount Escape 282

Running Up the Cage Mount Escape 284

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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