Mounted Triangle

The mounted triangle is easier to get than a lot of fighters think. The important part is not to kamikaze your way through it. You're sitting on top of your opponent, so use your weight to pin him down and set the submission up properly. As long as you can clear your leg over your opponent's arm and figure-four your legs around his head, it doesn't matter if your opponent manages to bridge and roll you over. He's done no matter what.

I'm in the mount. My Keels are touching underneath Beach's legs, I'm driving my right shoulder into his face, and I am using my left arm for base.

Scooting my right knee underneath Beach's left shoulder, I lean slightly to my right side and pin his right arm to the mat with my left hand

Leaning more to my right side, I step my left leg over Beach's trapped arm and plant my foot on the right side of his head. The instant my foot comes down, I latch onto my left instep with my right hand.

Lifting Beach's head with my right arm, I create the space needed to slide my left leg underneath his head

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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