Open Guard Stack pass Sequence

^ When in your opponent's guard you can use strikes to set up a pass, as well as use a pass to set up strikes. In this se-

(j) quence, you're going to do both. Although your primary goal will be to escape your opponent's guard and transition to

UJ a more dominant position, he is bound to throw road blocks in your path. You can attempt to surmount the blockades jE using pure jiu-jitsu, but adding striking into the mix makes the task a whole lot easier to manage. The specific strikes shown below are just to get your mind going in the striking direction while executing your pass. There are a plethora

W of different strikes you can utilize, and deciding which ones to employ will largely depend upon how your opponent

0. reacts to your pass. 0

to open his legs to set up a pass.

open his guard. Instead of trying to pry his legs apart using my arms, I open his guard by throwing

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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