Open Guard to Overhand

When you're postured up in an opponent's open guard, he will often place a leg in front of your body to hinder you from throwing strikes. In this technique, I'm grabbing a hold of my opponent's leg and moving it to the side. This not only clears a path to his face, but it also chambers my hand for the overhand. However, the idea is to catch your opponent with his hands down, and the best way to accomplish this is to avoid telegraphing the punch. When in open guard you have a lot of options other than striking. You could work to pass your opponent's guard or even stand up. If your opponent thinks you are utilizing one of those other options, it steals his focus away from protecting his face, allowing you to land a clean punch.

Still pushing on Reagan's knee with my left hand, I let go of his ankle and throw an overhand right.

I'm in Reagan's open guard. He has posted his left foot on my right hip and brought his left knee in front of my body to hinder me from throwing punches at his head.

I drop my right hand down to Reagan's left ankle, and I place my left hand on top of his left knee.

Because I managed to steer Reagan's focus away from protecting his face, I catch him off guard and land my right hand to his jaw.

I latch onto Reagan's left ankle with my right hand and remove his foot from my hip. Then I pull on his ankle with my right hand and push on his knee with my left hand. Notice how I am not telegraphing the punch.

To prevent Reagan from executing a submission, I quickly assume a defensive posture.
Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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