Overthe TopElbow Variation

When executing an over-the-top elbow, it is imperative that you fold your arm over your opponent's arm to prevent him from blocking the strike. If your opponent's senses are keen, he will defensively lift his arm before you can accomplish this. To hinder his defense, a good option is to latch on to his wrist with your opposite hand and pin it to his chest. With his blocking arm out of the picture, you have a clear path to your target.

I'm in Beach's full guard. He's controlling my head with his left hand to prevent me from posturing up and unloading with punches. Notice how I am pinning his right arm to the mat with my left hand.

Still controlling Beach's right arm with my left hand, I slide my right arm to the inside of his left arm.

Once I slide my right arm to the inside of Beach's left arm, I keep my arm snug against his chest and punch my fist straight up the middle, landing flush to his chin.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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