Posture Up to Guillotine

Posting on my right elbow, I drive my left Continuing to drive my left arm into Mark's neck, Unhooking my feet, I post my left foot on the arm into the left side of Mark's neck. I sit all the way up and post on my right hand. mat and elevate my hips. As I jam my left hip up into Troy's right armpit, I turn my body in a clockwise direction.

A lot of times when you execute a basic hip sweep, your opponent will counter by dropping his weight down into you. If he exposes his neck in the process, which happens quite often, you have the option of going for a guillotine choke. Even if you don't get it, you force your opponent to defend, and this can often set you up for another technique. Remember, the more techniques you throw at your opponent, the better chance you have of getting one step ahead of him. When you go for the choke but can't lock it in, move on to something else instead of wasting your energy.

Mark counters the sweep by wrapping his arms around my hips and driving his weight forward.

Rolling onto my back, I dig my right arm between our bodies and latch onto my left wrist with my right hand. It is very important to note that my right arm is in front of Mark's left arm. If you place your arm behind your opponent's arm, it becomes very difficult to lock in the choke.

To lock in the choke, I lock my feet together, squeeze my arms tight, and extend my legs to help dig my forearm into Mark's neck.

Although continuing with the sweep would be difficult, Mark has dropped his head to drive his weight into me, giving me an opportunity to sink in a guillotine choke. I begin by wrapping my left arm around the back of his head and sneaking my left hand underneath his chin.

Mark counters the sweep by wrapping his arms around my hips and driving his weight forward.

posture up to omaplata

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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