Pummeling for the head to knee

A lot of times when you're pummeling for the body, your opponent will be so focused on obtaining and defending against the double under-hooks, he will forget about his head. This often allows you to bring your arms up and secure the Muay Thai clinch. Once you manage this, a good option is to force your opponent's head down and then drive powerful knees up into his face. If your opponent attempts to pull his head up when you have him in the Thai clinch, he will often forget about his body, which allows you to secure a body-lock. Switching back and forth between pummeling for your opponent's body and head will increase your ability to secure a hold and impose your will.

As Reagan strives for the under-hook on my right side, I reach up and cup my left hand around the back of his head.

I'm tied up with Reagan in the body pummel position.

Reagan begins pummeling his left arm toward the inside of my right arm to secure an under-hook.

Immediately I place my right hand over my left and pinch my elbows together, securing the Muay Thai clinch.

To load up for a knee strike, I step my right foot back, drop my hips, and pull down on Reagan's head.

Still pulling down on Reagan's head, I drive my hips forward and send my right knee crashing into his face.

Troy covers up to block my shots, but he makes no attempt to throw strikes of his own. With the ball in my court, I follow the cross with a left hook. Instead of bringing my hooking hand back into my stance, I grip the back of Troy's head with my left hand.

Pulling Troy's head down using the Muay Thai clinch, I drive my right knee up into his face.

I'm squared off with Troy in the pocket. I throw a straight left jab at Troy's face. I follow the jab with a straight right cross.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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