Pummeling to the body with knees

As I mentioned in the previous technique, every time you pummel in for an under-hook, your opponent is forced to turn his body in that direction in order to establish an under-hook of his own on the opposite side. His action opens a perfect opportunity to land a knee to the body.

I'm tied up with Reagan in the I maneuver my right arm to the clinch. inside of Reagan's left arm. No tice how I hook my hand around the crook of Reagan's arm.

As I pummel in with my right I bring my right leg down so arm, I drive my right knee into that I'm in a southpaw stance. Reagan's mid-section.

Immediately I pummel my left arm to the inside of Reagan's right arm.

As I pummel in with my left arm, I drive my left knee into Reagan's mid-section.

I bring my left leg down, putting me in my original stance.

Catch knee to Takedown _

When pummeling with an opponent in the clinch, the one thing you must really watch out for is dropping your head too far to one side or the other because you become vulnerable to catching a knee to the face. However, every time your _

opponent throws a knee to your face from the clinch he's creating an opening for you to take him down. If you drop your head inadvertently, this can be hard to manage unless your reactions are lightning quick. But purposely dropping □

your head to bait your opponent into throwing the knee is another matter. If you do this, you must be prepared to react. The instant your opponent takes the bait, pop back up into your standard stance to avoid the strike, scoop up his lead leg with your arm, heft him off the mat, and slam him down. Z

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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