Punt Kick to Face

A lot of times when you're standing over a downed opponent, he will prop himself up on one elbow and hold his other arm out to defend against strikes. In such a situation, I will sometimes grab a hold of his outstretched hand. This not only hinders his ability to block with that arm, but it also distracts him. Then I will throw a roundhouse kick at his head. Even if your opponent manages to free the arm you're holding onto, he usually won't be able to block the entire force of your kick.

I'm standing above Reagan, staying close to prevent him from making a quick escape to his feet.

I reach out and grab a hold of Reagan's left hand. This is partially to distract him from my upcoming kick, and partially to prevent him from using his arm to block my kick. If I can take his left arm out of the picture, his only way to block the kick will be to drop to his back.

With Reagan still wondering why I latched onto his hand, I throw a left kick to the right side of his face.

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