Push away takedown defense

Pushing an opponent off you as he shoots in is the most basic way to defend against a takedown. Instead of stopping your opponent's shot with your body, you step off to the side and allow his momentum to carry him forward into the open air. It's kind of like a bullfighter and his red cape. If you execute this technique a couple of times on an opponent who knows his only chance of victory is bringing the fight to the ground, there is a good chance that he will start to get desperate. He might start shooting in at awkward moments with sloppy shots or swinging wildly in hopes of knocking you out. Becoming a master at stopping your opponent's shots can open up a plethora of opportunity.

I'm in my fighting stance, squared off As Reagan steps forward with a jab, I par- Immediately following the jab, Reagan drops with Reagan. ry it with my right hand. his level and shoots in for the takedown. As he tries closing the distance, I dig my left forearm into the left side of his neck. This prevents him from getting the penetration he needs for the takedown.

Keeping my left forearm dug into the left side of Pivoting my body in a counterclockwise direction, I push Reagan away before he can Reagan's neck, I step my left foot back and allow regain his base, his momentum to continue forward.

I'm squared up with Reagan in a standard stance.

Reagan drops his level and shoots in for a takedown.

I evade the attack by posting my left hand on Reagan's head, stepping my left leg back, and pivoting in a counterclockwise direction on my right foot. Reagan misses his target and is cast off balance as a result.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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