When an opponent takes your back, the first thing you must focus on is defending against the choke. There is nothing more important going on in that moment, so it should be your main priority. As you're working to defend against the choke, you should also focus on preventing your opponent from establishing his hooks. If your opponent already has his hooks, then you want to work for an escape by getting your back to the ground, which I demonstrate how to do in the upcoming section.

Key Concepts for Back Escapes

✓ Protect your neck first and foremost.

✓ When stuck in the bottom turtle position, stay balled up to prevent your opponent from establishing his hooks and taking your back.

✓ If your opponent has your back, work to either side of him and get your back flat to the mat. Once you manage this, work to reverse your position by either escaping to guard or rolling over into your opponent's guard.

I've secured the turtle position by distributing my weight over Reagan's lower back and wrapping my left arm around his body. Notice that there is very little space between us. This gives me optimal control.

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