Rear Naked Choke from back

The rear naked choke is the best move ever invented. Once you've got it locked in, you're pretty much guaranteed the victory. However, with most fighters spending lots of time polishing their submission defense, it can sometimes be a difficult submission to lock in. To increase your percentage rate, you might want to try the set-up shown below. If I'm working to slide my left arm around my opponent's neck, I use my right hand to secure my opponent's right arm down by his waist. To defend against the choke, my opponent brings his left arm up. The moment he does this, 1 use my left hand to shove his left hand down to my side, and then I trap it there by throwing my leg over his arm. With both of my opponent's arms tied up, I cover my opponent's mouth and suffocate him with my left hand. It is certainly possible to submit your opponent this way, but I prefer finishing with the choke because it's a guarantee. To do this, I'll fall to my side and pull my opponent down with me. As soon as our bodies hit the canvas, I wrap my arm underneath his neck and apply the choke.

Guards For Arms Self Defense
Hooking my left leg over Beach's left arm to trap it down by my hips, I bring my left arm back up and cup my hand over his mouth, suffocating him.
I pull Beach's head to my left side using my left hand. Then I pull back on his head with my left hand and drive my hips into his back. This creates the space I need to wrap my left arm around his neck and secure the choke.

The moment I come down onto my left side, I bring my right arm up, latch onto my right biceps with my left hand, and coil my right arm so that my right hand is behind Beach's head. To secure the choke, I squeeze everything tight.

I have taken Beach's back. I'm sitting up behind him, my right arm is underneath his right arm, I am grabbing his right wrist with my right hand, and I have both hooks established.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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