S half Guard to Back

Although this is a very simple transition that is easy to defend against, it's usually the first technique I'll attempt from the bottom half-guard position. Unless I'm up against a complete amateur, I don't expect to pull this move off; I expect my opponent to block the transition by clamping down on my arm with an over-hook and driving his weight into me.

0 The reason I still execute this technique is because my opponent's defense sets me up to sweep him in the opposite a. direction using the next technique in this section. If you don't attempt to take your opponent's back with this technique, you won't get the sweep that follows. To increase your chances of being successful with this sweep, you want to rock backward before trying to take your opponent's back. You do this because it pulls your opponent's weight forward and 11) forces him to base out on his hands. This often gives you that extra little space needed to successfully slip out from

Q underneath him. <

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