SitUp Guard

Any time you find yourself in the bottom guard position, you want to lock in a submission, sweep your opponent, or escape up to your feet. These are your three goals. When your opponent postures up in your guard, playing the sit-up guard not only allows you to work for these goals, but it can also save you from taking an unnecessary beating. In the photos below, I demonstrate how to establish the sit-up guard when your opponent postures up.

Troy is postured up in my closed guard.

Immediately I shoot my left arm up to the left side of Troy's head and come up onto my right elbow.

Driving the sharp side of my wrist into Troy's neck, I continue to sit up and post on my right hand. From this position I can not only avoid getting hit with damaging elbows to the face, but I can also escape up to my feet, transition to Troy's back, or set up submissions.

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